Pricing for Profit - for Film/Hybrid Wedding Photographers

Pricing for Profit - for Film/Hybrid Wedding Photographers


We as creatives are the worst at pricing our own work! Pricing and profitability is a struggle for SO many photographers out there, and you are fighting against the tide to make sure you are profitable AND producing work you're proud of! This guide was made to help figure out where our pricing needs to be and gives you the tools to plug your own numbers in and work it out for your business! It's specifically geared towards film and hybrid photographers, because while film is making your work shine above the crowd, it also might be hurting your piggy bank, so let's fix that!

Guide for film or hybrid wedding photographers- pricing your work for profit while creating work you love!

Includes: worksheets, sample expense lists for a film shooter, budgets, sample pricing strategies, and more!


Return Policy: If the guide is not helpful or there is no new information to you to help your business, there is a 100% Money Back Guarantee within 5 days of purchasing the guide. 

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