Intro to Film and Business for Film Shooters (8 Weeks)


Intro to Shooting Film - 4 Weeks

Week 1 - Intro to medium format, 35mm, cameras, film stocks, metering, tools of the trade

Week 2 - Lighting- the good, bad, and the ugly. Using lighting and film stock combos to achieve certain looks. Experimenting with film- double exposures, light leaks, movement, grain. 

Week 3 - Film at night. High film speed stocks, flash with film, video light, pushing film. 

Week 4 - Scanning your own film, communicating with your lab, editing film scans, color correcting, workflow tips and tricks. 

Includes: Live video conference style workshop weekly (4 sessions),  Live Q&A, Private Facebook group, feedback on student images. 

Business for Film Shooters - 4 Weeks 

Week 1 - MONEY. Reducing expenses, increasing profits, pricing, personal financial goals, creating a plan.

Week 2 - Growing your value. Submissions, curation, harnessing your strengths, becoming an expert. 

Week 3 - Marketing. Online strategies, local strategies, making marketing money work for you. 

Week 4 - Relationships, referrals, and client experience. 

Includes: Live video conference style workshop weekly (4 sessions), Live Q&A, Private Facebook group, worksheets. 


Intro to Shooting Film - Dates TBD - $349

Business for Film Shooters - Dates TBD - $547

Both Sessions - $749


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