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The Problem is, You Don't Realize You're SO Worth It

We rarely had "professional" photos taken of my family growing up. I remember being sad about it in middle school and I coordinated a time for us to get our photo taken at JC Penny. I picked out everyone's outfits and made sure we all matched, marched our butts to the mall, and then proudly hung that photo in our hallway next to the one we had taken at church 10 years before that. When my dad got sick, we hired a talented high end photographer, who is now my dear friend, to photograph our family. I remember crying when I called her because I couldn't stand thinking that we might not have recent family photos before my dad died. Of course my dad was tough of nails and stuck around for a few more years. When my brother got married this spring, I begged them to hire an awesome photographer, which I'm so glad they did. Those are the last real photos we have of my dad because he died just a few weeks later.

I often see the inward struggle when people contemplate investing in great photos. I totally get it - life and weddings are expensive, but I also want to tell people- if you invest in one thing, please invest in your memories! You and your family are priceless and we are never promised tomorrow. 

So treat yourself to great photography. You deserve it and your family will be forever grateful. 

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Rockin' Receptions

There was a time when I hated shooting receptions. It felt like the same thing over and over and the dancing would seem to go on and on. But something clicked one day and I realized what a gold mine receptions are. SO many fun moments, people letting their hair down, laughing, dancing, hugging. Really some of the best moments of the day were at the reception. My view point shifted and I started looking forward to the reception. I think many film shooters are afraid to shoot film after dark, but I found that I loved the high fashion look of black and white film with flash and holga shots with some motion blur and color film with bounce flash.  Reception shots have become some of my all time favorites now that my perspective has changed. Here are some of my favorites from the last few years: 

Cameras and films used: Mamiya 6, Holga, EOS 3, Portra 400, Tri-x 400, Ilford 3200

Tips: Don't be afraid of direct flash. Video lights will change your life, especially for detail shots after dark. Learn how to flash meter with your hand held light meter. Look for white surfaces to bounce light off of- aka ceilings or white tents or reflectors.