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Welcome, new house, into our lives. We're a little different than most of your past owners, but we promise to take care of you, keep the cobwebs out of your windows, and fill you with love. What you have to realize though, is that you are now our canvas. You're probably curious why we have been finger painting your hallway, why one of your walls is now a chalkboard or why you are now storing about 20 musical instruments. It's because we want to celebrate creativity in our family, in our friends, and in our community. You'd better get used to the fact that we're asking people to graffiti your walls. I promise you'll start to like it eventually. We are taking this job seriously: we are going to fill you up with memories. Good memories. We want every friend that walks in your doors to be celebrated. We want every fight that happens within your walls to be resolved gracefully. We want every wall painted to have a prayer behind it. We want every flower planted in your yard to bless our neighbors. And we want to create, teach, host and serve MORE because God has blessed us with you and your four lovely walls.


James and Kristin

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Thanks to everyone who has been praying, helping paint, helping move and loving on us!

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