about Kristin


In sitting down to write this little note to you (about myself), I have already consumed about 2.5 brown sugar pop tarts, drank 1.5 glasses of rosé, and started 19.275 Netflix Original Series. It’s important to communicate some key things “about me” because, you know… your wedding day is pretty dang important, and having people around you who know you and love you on that day… that’s pretty dang important too.

In compiling random pieces of information about myself, I found some common threads: I’ve been described as the calming-therapist-like-sister-you-never-had, was voted “nicest person” by my high school senior class, and most recently was dubbed “sweet ’n dangerous” by Study Abroad Workshops Portugal.  I’m a hugger, lover, awkward dancer, laugh-in-the-face-of-danger kind of gal. I have boarded 39 airplanes in the last 6 months, photographed close to 200 weddings in the last 10 or so years, have grown a small human in my body (now he’s 3), and I sometimes go to the gym just to take a 45 minute shower by myself. “How did you get in to photography?” you might ask. Well, it started with a series of small choices, random acts of kindness, and a generous birthday gift. Within a year or two, I had a 10 page spread in a magazine covering the wedding of the Mayor of Sacramento at Blackberry Farms. A couple years later, I had shot my first destination wedding in France. A year after that, I had a huge project in China. Fast forward to now… I’m photographing weddings all over the world, hosting international creative workshops, coaching other creative business bosses, finding new ways to spread a little love and light every day, and getting to meet and work with some of the best people out there. So if you got to the end of this, I really hope we get to work together. I care a lot about what I do and a lot about you and hope that we get a chance to make some magic together. You deserve that dream job, that dream wedding, that amazing experience, and to feel so darn special you almost pop with joy. I’m glad you’re here, and I hope our paths get to cross in some really amazing ways very soon.